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Sight City 2017

SightCity 2017 photo

During Europe’s biggest exhibition for assistive technologies for blind and visually impaired people, Inventivio introduced the latest prototype of the Tactonom. We thank the many visitors for their interest and their many enouraging comments. For us your support is a huge motivation to finalize the Tactonom and bring it into the hands of blind peole as soon as possible!

How the Tactonom works

The Tactonom translates the screen content and displays these via tactile points. The DIN A4 sized touch pad contains more than 10.500 tactile points which can display graphics and up to 22 rows of text.

The integrated camera can scan printed documents, convert these and display them on the Tactonom.

The finger recognition coupled with the voice out function simplifies the understanding of digital content.

With the zoom- und scroll functions the user can get an overview, zoom into details or scroll in all directions.

The functionalities of the Tactonom; Takcile display; large touch area; Braille converter; display graphics; integrated camera; Optical Character Recognition (OCR); finger detection; audio; zoom; scroll.

Usage occasion


Tables, Excel, calendar, graphics, diagrams, internet, standard software programme, texts saved as images, OCR, printed documents, invoices, mind maps

The Tactonom


Photocopies, books, learning materials, tables, images, forms, formulas & functions, interactive images, interactive learning apps, learning games


Maps and neighbourhood plans, internet, images, games, apps, books, magazines


Neighbourhood plans, floor plans, learning games

New technology

The Tactonom is based on a new, patented technology which dramatically reduces the costs per tactile point. In this way, the Tactonom brings better access to information for a large group of blind persons.

Open software platform

We provide an open software platform for the Tactonom which enables independent developers to bring their applications onto the tactile display. We will provide a free and open Software Development Kit for developers.

Examples of the Tactonom